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The Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing (FEDME) celebrates its first Paraclimbing Conference for route setters


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Theory and practice has been mixed to improve the quality of the nationals and internationals paraclimbing competitions.
The FEDME, in the light of the challenge presented by the organization of the next IFSC Sport Climbing World Championships in Gijón, September 2014, and for improving the quality of national competitions for the future, has made this past weekend of the 31st of May and the 1st of June, at Climbat, La Foixarda, Barcelona, a conference about the rapprochement among kits managers, adapted sports experts and athletes; it was a learning and discussing space concerning the equipment of paraclimbing classes in all its forms.

The conference have had as main objective to give the attendants, FEDME kits managers and autonomic kits managers the necessary knowledge for the right equipment of paraclimbing classes in all its forms, thanks to the presence of three outstanding speakers with extensive experience in this field: Manuel Suárez, who is the manager of the Spanish Paraclimbing team at the FEDME and he is also the Chairperson of Mountain and Disability at the Aragon Mountaineering Federation (FAM); Urko Carmona, member of the Spanish national team, and Spanish and Worldwide Paraclimbing Champion at the amputated leg category; and Patxi Arocena, who is an international and FEDME kit manager with a great experience at the equipment of paraclimbing classes.
The Schedule of the conference has mixed theoretical sessions and group discussions with practical sessions about equipment at the climbing wall of La Foixarda. The following themes have been touched:
• What is Paraclimbing and what it is about.
• Brief history about Paraclimbing competitions.
• International current situation of Paraclimbing: levels, groups and climbers.
• Paraclimbing Functional Classification
• Athlete's view
• Equipment
• Equipment practices at a climbing wall.
The conference, which had a reduced but active group of attendants, counted on Saturday with a theoretical session about the main concepts of this discipline provided by Manuel Suárez, followed by an exposure in which Urko Carmona was able to give the group the athlete's view, given the fact of his experience at this kind of competition.
On Sunday an implementation of this concepts was completed; with a three groups distribution, the attendants could put together a class and later they were able to use it. With this activity, the FEDME pretends to move forwards in the implementation and improvement of the Paraclimbing discipline at the Spanish sporting landscape.

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