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Gijón, 2014 World Climbing Capital

With the signature of the agreement this morning at the Town Hall is closed the previous administrative area for the organization of the Climbing World Championship that will take place in our city the next mid-September.

In this event we have heard the President of the Spanish Federation of Climbing and Mountain Sports, Mr. Joan Garrigós, the Sports General Manager of the Principality of Asturias, Mr. José Ramón Tuero, the Sports Councilman of Gijón’s Town Hall, Mr. Pedro Barbillo, and the manager of the company TOP30 SL, Mr. Alberto Marcos.

The tax advantages of Climbing World Championship’s patrons
The World Climbing World Championship budget is expected to come in a 30 % from company and private donations. In order to stimulate this kind of collaboration, the Sports Department of Gijón’s Town Council has requested the declaration of Event of Particular Interest for the Championship. This declaration has been included in the Draft Law of the General State Budget for the 2014 declaration, so once this Draft Law is approved the 1st of January 2014, the companies and privates who make donations for the Climbing World Championship will be able to embrace some special tax deductions.

The tax benefits that are going to be applied are regulated by the Law 47/2002 and the Royal Decree 1270/2003, and will be applied to the events that have been considered as particular interest. For example, the Basketball World Championship Mundobasket 2014, or the 300 years of the Spanish National Library have received this distinction.

The tax benefits that will be able to be applied to the donors are the ones which are established in the Law. In summary, the deductions won’t be able to overcome the 90 % of the total amount donated to the Sports Department for the celebration of the event, but there are several formulas. The companies can deduct directly from the corporate income tax liability a 40 % of the donation or even a 90 % through the expenses dedicated to publicize and disclose the event. In this case, the deduction is a 15% of the publishing expenditure until the limit previously mentioned.

On the other hand, the deductions for physical persons are of 30 % on donations and until 90 % if they are through publishing expenditures, which are taxed with another deduction of 15 %. Also it will be a bonus of 95 % in the Business Tax for artistic, cultural o sport activities and also the local taxes and the operations related to the day journey.

Normally, when there’s no exceptional nature, the donations to AAPP, ONG, foundations, the Catholic Church or non-profit organizations, the amount of the deduction is 25 % on physical persons and 35 % o enterprises.