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Palacio de Deportes (Venue)


Located at the right brim of Piles river, next to Molinón’s Stadium, “Isabel La Católica” Park and the Traid Fair venue, it was designed by the architect Salvador Pérez Arroyo, inside an important amusement and leisure of the city
Since its opening in 1992, this modern instalation with a surface of 14.000 m2 built, it has become the star sports equipment, which has allowed it to accomodate important competitions and sport and cultural shows. In addition, it is daily used in an intense way by athletes and amateurs from all categories, who find in its versatile resources the perfect places to the practice of sports. 


• Paseo del Doctor Flemming, 929.
• Geographic coordinates: W 5º 381 03'' - N 43º 32' 09'' - P. del Doctor Flemming, 929, 33203
• Telephone number: 985 181 750

pista central


• Central field with a maximum capacity of 7.000 spectators.
• Auxiliary pavillion with a maximum capacity of 500 sitted spectators.
• Martial arts room or tatami
• Weight – lifting room
• Muscle – building room
• Squash fields
• Billiard room
• Boxing room
• Fencing room
• Cafeteria. VIP zone
• Locker rooms: 10 for teams y four for referee.
• Parking: 2.000 cars and 50 buses.