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Getting the most out of Gijón

Touristic bus

The ticket will be single, for one or two days, allowing the user to get in and off as often as he or she wants, always subject to the availability ofbus turistico the bus.

The touristic bus is accessible to handicapped people and has place for prams.

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Gijón Card

The touristic card Gijón Card allows the free access to buses and all the museums of the city, not forgetting the possibility of doing a tour aroundmoviendonos por gijon Gijón by bike. It garantees also discounts at the touristic bus, at the thalassotherapy centre and at shops, restaurant and the most important regional museums.
There are cards for one, two or three days. With those you will make profitable your stay at Asturias. You could also consult the options for family cards.

There are three options of touristic card:

- 1 day valid Gijón Card: 10 €
- 2 days valid Gijón Card: 12 €
- 3 days valid Gijón Card: 15 €

All information and services guide on telephone 985 34 17 71, on, and at the toutistic information offices of the city.

Gijón Gourmet

gijon gourmetThis is one way to getting closer and enjoying the gastronomy of Gijón guided by classic chefs or young promises. An interesting fixed price allow you to choose between several distinguished restaurants with renowned quality brands.
All information about establishments and booking at
Price: 45 € (IVA included)

Participating restaurants

Sweet – toothed Gijón

The sweetest excurse for walking around Gijón tasting 16 specialties, which are the emblem of some sweet shops and ice-cream shops of Gijón.
Choose the number of tastings you want to do and enjoy a very sweet – toothed tour around the city.
- Sweet – toothed Gijón (5 tastings): 7 €
- Sweet – toothed Gijón (10 tastings): 13 €
More information and buying at the touristic information offices of the city and at