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Why volunteer for the IFSC Sport Climbing World Championships Gijon 2014?

• You would be able to participate from the inside in an international competition with more than 800 participants and a worldwide impact.
• You will perform several tasks in different functional areas and you will develop some useful knowledge for your professional future.
• You will be in touch with professional athletes and you will be able to develop close friendships with some of your colleagues.

From the IFSC Sport Climbing World Championships Gijon 2014 we consider essential that the profile of the assistants is based on the possession of some values as respect, solidarity, and fellowship. We need some volunteers committed to the show who contribute to the event with their personal experience, who have a readiness to work in order to make this major sporting event a great show where the sport climbing is potentiated.

Registration requirements

• Be, at least, 16 years old
• Be available through all the World Championship celebration (from the 8th to the 14th of September)
• Fill in the form before the 10th of August
Selection process
The selection process, which counts with limited places, consists of the following three phases: online application, interview and general training.

People from abroad

The volunteers will pay for their own trip to Gijón and their accommodation during the event.


It is very important that all people interested in being a volunteer in this Show is available from the 8th to the 14th os September 2014, or even several days before the show starts.
Given the fact that this show is an international event, it will be a positive factor, but not exclusive, that the applicant controls other languages beside Spanish.

What would I receive by being volunteer?

Volunteers will receive a personal accreditation, food and drinks through all the journeys, specific outfits and a certifícate that credits all the tasks developed at the event.

Volunteer Registration

Please click here to enroll as volunteer